Fashion shoot with Alyssa.
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Studio Shoot with Alyssa

Fashion shoot with Alyssa.

Last fall we had a studio shoot with NPC fitness competitor Alyssa! I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa last year as she was in training for a fitness competition. We decided to mix it up a bit with a little fashion and a little bit of fitness looks at the studio. 

Studio Shoot with Alyssa

One can see how Alyssa got into fitness competitions pretty quickly. The short answer comes from talking with her for just a few minutes and you immediately hear the passion she has in her voice. Strong, determined and fierce are the first things that hit you. She is focused in her goals and knows what she wants. Success comes from knowing what it takes to reach the top and she knows what it will take.

Meeting people with passion is such a treat for me. I respect those who bring their passion to what ever they are pursuing. Rather it be supporting their favorite team, singing, or chasing a pro card in the competitive world of fitness I love talking with people who give it their all. I put the same passion into my photography. Every day I work towards improving my business, making my images better, and my clients happier.

Fashion shoot with a model wearing a gray hoodie.

As we started shooting I had a chance to ask Alyssa about her training regime. It’s amazing how scheduled orientated the training is leading up to a competition. There are weeks of high intensity aerobic training, carbo loading, cutting this, cutting that, and even dehydration. What?

Fashion model posing in jean shorts and a leather jacket.

Regardless of the training, Alyssa brought her “A game” to the shoot. She wanted a few shots with her new posing bikini and as you can see the debut went well. Below you will find a few more of my favorites from her session at the studio. These were tough to choose from given all the amazing photos we captured. Until next time.

Model posing with bikini.

NPC fitness competitor posing in a bikini.


Fashion photo with a fitness model.



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