Sunset Highway

Sunset Highway

Sunset Highway

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Last night I went out for what was supposed to be an evening of storm chasing but instead turned into this sunset highway shot. My hopes were high for an evening of lightning but Mother Nature decided against it. 

Take a Drive Down the Sunset Highway

So my evening adventure didn’t quite go as planned. Of course if you storm chase long enough you know to expect these kinds of evenings where the weather falls apart on you. It’s certainly not fun but it does happen.

Given that the local meteorologists don’t always get it right and they have some of the best resources available just goes to show what most of us already know, the weather is unpredictable. 🙂 Earth shattering information I know!

Nonetheless I stayed out for awhile longer than necessary hoping for one storm cell to pop and deliver the goods. As sunset fast approached so did my hopes of that storm popping up. So with daylight fading fast I couldn’t help but catch the color in the clouds of the shot above. I never pass up a chance to get a good Arizona highway shot and this was my consolation prize. At least I wouldn’t go home empty handed.

This sunset highway is actually highway 587 which intercepts Interstate 10 just south of Phoenix. The colors were pretty crazy as the sun began to set. Living in Arizona we are quite spoiled with stunning sunsets. This was no exception. Timing was critical as this stretch of highway was quite busy. I love a good road shot but I’m not going to get myself killed doing it. A little patience went a long way as I had a few breaks in the traffic that provided we several different images. It’s nice to have options, especially when picking your image for your blog post.

The storms never came but Mother Nature dealt me a playable hand. It wasn’t what I wanted but I don’t make the rules.

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