Sunset Over Tempe

Sunset Over Tempe

Sunset Over Tempe

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This beautiful sunset over Tempe was my reward for hiking up A Mountain last night. I decided at the last minute that the sunset might be interesting and worth time lapsing, so I packed up my gear and headed towards Tempe. 

A Sunset Over Tempe

I have missed my last two morning workouts due to late night storm chasing. As the clouds hung around late afternoon I knew there would be a chance for a killer sunset. Combining that with a need for some exercise I made the call to climb A Mountain. It was a bit warm but the cloud cover kept the temperature down enough for the hike. Granted this hike isn’t that long but it is very steep. It is like being on a monster stair master for 20 minutes.

A Mountain has an elevation gain of about 350m. Couple that with triple digit temperatures and you have a decent little workout. At the top it was a challenge to find a spot to setup as several others had similar ideas of viewing the sunset. Luckily I found the spot I had hoped for and set up my gear. Once the camera was firing away for the time lapse I just sat back and took in the city view. My life runs at light speed at times so when I get a chance to just sit and do nothing I soak it up. Being out with my camera capturing life as it happens is my zen. During those times the world stops for me, the chaos is gone and I have those moments for me. If only I could do this every day. Hmmm.

This image is from a sequence that will be used for a time lapse of tonight. So stay tuned for the sunset over Tempe clip that should debut in the next few days.

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