During monsoon a sunset rain appears briefly

Sunset Rain

During monsoon a sunset rain appears briefly

What happens during monsoon when the sun sets, you get a sunset rain shot of course. One of the joys of living in Arizona is never running out of amazing sunsets. Regardless if it is during the monsoon or just a summer day we are blessed with some of the most stunning sunsets here in the southwest.

This sunset rain photo I managed to grab during the middle of an eighteen hour storm chasing trip. Yes, you read that right eighteen hour trip. LOL! I teamed with fellow chasers Mike Olbinski and Christian Cleary for an epic day of chasing back in August of this year. We left Phoenix and headed north to Prescott AZ to start our day of chasing. We hit a few storms early in Prescott before they died out on us. Little did we know that day would have us running up and down I17 which is the main interstate out of Phoenix that goes directly north and south.

Lightning in a sunset rain storm

As the day was ending we were just south of Sedona when this storm popped up on radar. We found a spot off the interstate and set up our cameras to record the awesomeness that would unfold. As the sun set a nice storm cell was developing in the perfect spot to catch the waning sunlight. As the sky darkened the rain shaft began to glow with that signature AZ red. Night came and the storms really opened up for quite some time. We sat there for over an hour with our cameras firing away as the lightning came. Such an awesome thing to share with my buddies Mike and Christian.

As this system died out we packed up and headed north towards Flagstaff to jump on the next cell. Those proved to be less fruitful than hoped but still made for a great chase. We wound up getting in around 3am the next morning. A long day for sure but always worth it.

Sunset rain as the clouds glow

Lightning strike in Flagstaff AZ

Lightning drills the ground


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  1. Thank you Chris for some absolutely incredible images of thunderstorms, lightning and rain showers – as a pilot of 55 years, you have been able to capture sights I have seen flying over the years that I never had the means (cameras) or opportunity (busy flying) to capture. Thank you for sharing these images with all of us 🙂

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