Night lights at Tempe Town Lake

Sunsets & Bridges

This past weekend didn’t leave a lot of time for making pics.  Sigh.  I really need to win a lottery so I can focus more on photography and less on the day job.

I did manage to slip down to Tempe Town Lake on Saturday evening for a few brackets.  It is sort of a default location to shoot if you are pressed for time.  There is always something new to shoot there or a different angle.  I happened to make it down there around sunset hoping for a fire lit sky.  I didn’t quite get what I wanted but what I did get wasn’t too bad.

Sunset at Tempe Town Lake

Granted sunsets are very cliche in the photography world, but I never get tired of the ones we have here in the valley of the sun.  Not sure what it is about them, but they are spectacular.

After the sun had vanished I turned my camera towards the Mill Avenue Bridge.  There are actually two bridges to accommodate inbound and outbound traffic to/from Tempe.  I’ve always loved the way they are lit at night with the string of lights running down the sides.  The reflections on Tempe Town Lake never fail to delight.

Night lights at Tempe Town Lake

With night shots I think one thing people overlook is getting the shot before dark.  In general you want shots like this to be taken at dusk so the contrast of the blue sky adds to the image.  A pitch black sky would of added no value to this shot.  Something to consider the next time you set up for that night time capture.

My last shots of the night were up on top of the bridge.  I staked out a spot on the sidewalk and set up for long exposure shots of the traffic.  Again I didn’t quite get what I wanted, mainly due to the lack of traffic.  Some things are beyond your control. 🙂  I do plan to go back and get a better shot.  Just need to figure out when the high traffic times are for the inbound bridge.

Traffic on Tempe Town Lake Mill Avenue bridge.

Until next time…

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