That Camera in Your Pocket

So lately I’ve been using my iPhone more and more for photography.  In the past I have always dismissed it as a viable source since you couldn’t change lenses, play with the shutter or aperture.  However with all the recent applications (apps) that have come out, things have changed.  Creativity and minor adjustments can now be made within the phone to yield some pretty good results.

Most of the photogs have heard the expression “the best camera is the one that’s with you” as stated by the well known Seattle based photographer Chase Jarvis (  I couldn’t agree more.  The past few months I’ve been able to capture some decent shots with my iPhone that would of been missed entirely simply because I didn’t have my “good” camera with me.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate with the iPhone camera is its limitations.  Huh? Did I miss something?  Like most things with limitations it forces you to find another way.  In this case I have to think about composition & lighting even more to get a useful shot.  This is great practice!  By not having additional features, I’m forced to think the shot through from beginning to end.  Granted I should be doing this every time, but with certain situations you can give yourself “extra room” with a DSLR.  You simply don’t get this with a fixed focus camera.

Practice, practice, practice.  The sure fire way to get better at something.  By having my phone with me nearly all the time, I am able to get that practice.   I also make sure I only use the apps on my phone to make corrections or enhancements (no going to Photoshop or Lightroom).  I’ll have to admit it is actually fun using a few of the apps and isn’t that what it is all about!  They don’t have the power of Photoshop but they do offer some unique filters and such that allow you a great deal of creativity.

I encourage anyone with a newer smartphone to start using its camera if you are not.  And certainly try out some of the apps available (iTunes or the Android store).  One of my favorites for the iPhone is Camera+.  It offers quite a bit of options and is pretty affordable at $1.99. (Note, this is by no means a paid endorsement only a personal recommendation).


Until next time…

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