Bongos & Mr. Nitz

A street performer playing the bongos.

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Earlier this week the state of Arizona welcomed Mr. Chris Nitz for a visit. Chris is a photog friend from Iowa who was down visiting family.  When we found out Chris was visiting we immediately began the Twitter conversation of when & where we could get together.  It was decided that a mini photowalk of Tempe Town Lake would suffice followed by a trip to 4 Peeaks Brewery. The other cohorts in crime for this outing would be Bryan Snider and Jon Storlarski.


Two photographers taking pictures of a sunset.

Our walk began on the south side of Tempe Town Lake. While waiting for everyone to show up I took the opportunity to photograph some street performers who were playing the bongos.  These guys were very entertaining to watch and listen to.  Once everyone showed up we set out to walk over to the north side and prepare for Mother Nature to lay down some sunset goodness across the lake.


Street performers playing the bongos.

Street performers playing the bongos.

As we walked across the bridge I couldn’t help but notice the clouds in the sky.  Anytime we have clouds near sunset you can almost always count on a money shot.  Once we made it over we all spread out picking our spot to capture the forthcoming goodness.  One of Chris’s fortes is toy photography.  He does an amazing job posing toy characters in every day real life.  And of course this trip would be no different.  Be sure to check out his website.


An airplane makes it descent into Phoenix.

Finally at the end we were rewarded with a nice Arizona sunset.  I’m pretty sure no other spot in the world can beat us when it comes to the setting sun.  Somehow I think AZ is the teacher’s pet in Mother Nature’s classroom.


A sunset explodes across Tempe Town Lake.

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  1. Great set of shots Chris. I particularly love that last one of Tempe Town Lake, great colors.

    I wish I could have joined all of you, but a bit dissapointed that no one got stuck in an elevator.

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