Lightning strike in Chandler Arizona.

Too Close For Comfort

Lightning strike in Chandler Arizona.

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Today’s post is of a lightning capture from this past weekend.  This was one of many rewards I received after a long day of fruitless chasing.

Late on Friday I had driven towards Tucson to catch up with photog buddy Mike Olbinski for some storm chasing.  We made our way around the outskirts of Tucson only to be rained upon no matter where we went.  This was incredibly frustrating as the sky was lighting up all around us.  We eventually gave up and started back towards Phoenix in hopes of catching something there.  After arriving we were greeted with more rain.  Great.  It was looking like one of those nights where you can’t win.  Our last ditch effort had us driving east to see if we could drive out of the rain and catch some action.  This proved to be the winning ticket.  Only a few short miles and we were in dry territory.  The sky was going off and there were 2 happy photographers catching the action.

Just a quick note on the image.  This was shot with a 50mm on my 40D.  The strike was close enough that it exceeded my frame (no cropping here).  It definitely got my attention.  When you are that close it is time not to be that close.

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Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 50mm

Processing: Lightroom 3

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