An abandon building with graffati painted on it.

Too Much Is Not Enough

An abandon building with graffati painted on it.

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This shot is from our trip to northern Arizona.  Our first stop that morning was Two Guns, an old ghost town east of Flagstaff and just off I-40.  Our merry group consisted of Mike Olbinski, Rick Young, a guy named Ken, and Scott Wood (would join us later).

From the drive in it was hard to tell what shape the inside of the lodge would be.  Of course after walking up we were first greeted with the pool.  A few shots of that gem can be found at Rick Young’s post.

After grabbing every angle available at the pool I made my way into the lodge.  The first thing that caught my eye was the dappled light on the floor.  I didn’t have to walk any further to find the shot I wanted.  I set up my tripod and fired away.

I’ve said it in a few other posts about this trip but I will say it again, this was an awesome trip and it was a treat to hang out with Rick, Mike, Ken, and Scott.

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  1. Big fish eat little fish while a shark chases them! At least that’s what it looks like in the top left corner 🙂

    Cool place and great shot.

    1. It is a fish eat fish world. :). Also if you look at the upper rafter towards the right you will find the title of the post.

  2. Great image. Really did that “shadow person” in the background.

    I had a great time that day, wish I would have been able to join at 2 Guns.

  3. Great shot! Love the light and how crisp the image is! Thanks for stopping by my site and taking the time to comments, Chris! Us Chris’ need to stick together! 😛

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