Bride with an amazing hair looks seductive

Why Do So Many Brides Opt for Casual Wedding Dresses?

Bride with an amazing hair looks seductive.

Сasual wedding dress

When it comes to searching for a perfect wedding dress, it becomes obvious that not all brides are alike. Some are faithful to classic full-length white wedding gowns with long trains, while the others are open for experiments with styles and colors.

But weighing the beauty, comfort and simplicity most brides make a choice in favor of casual wedding dresses. What makes brides-to-be be so addicted to such an option? Many advantages! Here, we are to highlight the main reasons for wearing such a gown!

Simple doesn’t mean less attractive

Not every bride dreams to be a princess, wearing a ball gown with a long train. Sometimes, it’s possible to be elegant and attractive without the abundance of pompous skirts. Moreover, for some occasions, wedding dresses, which are richly decorated with crystals, are considered to be inappropriate. For example, if you’re going to get married for the second time.

The elder brides-to-be very rarely choose dresses with glowing crystals and flowing tulle skirts. They naturally give their preference to cozy casual ones, which look attractive without over-the-top luxury.

Portrait of beautiful woman in white dress. Casual wedding dresses are fast becoming a trend.

Casual bridal gown

Casual dresses are very comfortable

If you’re going to have a casual city event with the closest friends and relatives, there’s no need to wear heavy princess style and ball gowns, which may make you look out of place. Brides never feel restricted when it comes to this type of wedding dresses as they can be long, tea-length or short. Each option looks very stylish and light.

For most outdoor events, huge dresses bring a risk of feeling exhausted and tired. Casual beach or country wedding dresses never have much adornment; however, they create a good combination of romanticism, airy feel and gorgeous look.

For those brides who prefer minimalism, it’s the best choice. By wearing a casual dress, a woman maintains her beauty and femininity in a very sophisticated way.

It’s a good option if your budget is tight

Brides, who prefer a practical and economical approach to planning a wedding, are always ready to save on a wedding dress but not at the expense of looking attractive. Keep in mind, that it’s really possible to buy a nice casual wedding gown for $100.

Portrait of beautiful woman in white dress. This is a trend with casual wedding dresses.

Bride in a simple dress

You can always make it brighter

Wedding dresses are like canvas, on the base of which we could create a vivid breathtaking masterpiece using the right amount of accessories. To destroy a feeling of being too plain, you can use shoes decorated with pearls, crystals or gentle lace. If a casual dress already has some embellishment, try to use details that don’t spoil an overall harmony.

There are no strict rules for wearing special shoes with casual wedding dresses. You can go for sandals, shoes with heels or without them. Today, modern brides-to-be often prefer unusual combinations, for instance, casual gowns, complemented with sneakers, or they put on casual wedding dresses and go barefoot with the bracelets on the ankles instead of shoes.

Don’t forget that lace works for any dress. If you have a rather simple casual dress, be creative. Add a lace bolero and you’ll see how it works magic, creating a totally new combination!

Waistbands decorated with lace could bring a good stylish raisin to your look. Moreover, this accessory doesn’t need to be of the same color. Black waistbands could create a stunning black-and-white combination that will fit extraordinary persons.

Happy bride wearing white wedding lace dress and smiling

Сasual wedding gown

A great variety of options

Modern collections of casual wedding dresses include many variations, designed for tiny, slim and plus size brides-to-be. Vintage dresses, inspired by 1920s, create an awesome elegant vibe that makes a bride totally unusual.

Sheath and flare gowns emphasize natural curves. Dresses with open back bring the necessary amount of sexuality. It’s a real must have for brides, who have a beautiful back and want to be a bit intriguing.

High low dresses are the most popular option for country and beach weddings, but, at the same time, they look cute in the city halls. Off-the-shoulder style, which is at the peak of its popularity now, makes a bride look sexy without opening her décolleté too much.


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