20 Years In The Making

A young couple being married

Click the pic for a bigger view (scanned film)

January 4th, 1992 a country boy from southern Illinois was exchanging vows with a big city girl from Ft. Worth Texas.  They were wed in Dan Forth Chapel on the campus of Kansas University .  Little did they know the journey they were about to begin.   A journey that would start in Lawrence KS and eventually continue with a move across country to Arizona where they would start a family.

I’ve been the luckiest guy on the planet the last 20 years.  Somehow some way I convinced my darling wife to marry me and stick it out through thick and thin.  Carol has been at my side for everything that life has thrown at me.  She is my best friend and an amazing mother to our two children.  To say that I am blessed would be an understatement.

I could go on and on about the wonderful person that she is but I will keep it simple and say “happy anniversary” to my loving wife.  I love you dearly.

Here’s to many more…


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  1. Great photo and a wonderful way to look back and mark the wonderful lives that were joined together.

    Congratulations to you both! Many happy returns.

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