2013 Phoenix Wordcamp

The opening slide for the Phoenix Wordcamp held in Chandler Arizona.

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This past weekend Arizona was home to one of the premier WordPress conferences. People from all over the world (including Romania) ventured here to learn all there is about WordPress. 

The Phoenix Wordcamp is a three day workshop for users of the WordPress platform. Developers, bloggers, and graphic artists all showed up to learn how to use this popular blogging/website platform more effectively. With 3 days of class offerings there was something for everybody. And of course they had a few parties as well.

I was able to volunteer some of my time over the weekend  to photograph all of this nerdy goodness. 🙂 It was nice to be able to give back to the WordPress community. They provide so much to the users of WordPress (myself included) free of charge. Some of their biggest gifts are known as plugins. These little widgets of software allow websites to do cool things like slide shows, music, contact forms, and a host of other features. Without these guys and gals a lot of the websites out there would not function, including mine.

If you were in attendance or happened to stumble upon their Twitter hashtag #wcphx you know how well the Phoenix Wordcamp ran. The hashtag was actually trending on Twitter, no small feat. A big shout out to the volunteers who kept things running like a well oiled machine. Donating three days of your time especially a weekend speaks volumes for this community. And special kudos to Carol Stambaugh of Tech Tools who organized this monstrous event. Her planning and execution allowed it to go off without a hitch.  Nice job Carol!!!

Below is a sampling of the entire 3 days from the “wine and design” to WordPress for kids.

Venues: Gangplank and Chandler Center for the Arts


The wine and design held at Gangplank in Chandler Arizona.

Attendees of the Phoenix Wordcamp gather for the wine and design.

The participants of the Phoenix Wordcamp Wine and Design have dinner.

Tickets and Sponsors for the 2013 Phoenix Wordcamp.

Attendees begin to enter the Phoenix Wordcamp

The WordPress pins and sponsor bags

A comedian warms up the crowd before Wordcamp begins.

Volunteers for the Phoenix Wordcamp are honored.

Wordcamp lectures are under way

Attendees try their luck at the after party for Phoenix Wordcamp

Social hour for the Phoenix Wordcamp attendees

Children attend an introductory class at the 2013 Phoenix Wordcamp


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  1. Looks like a great event and you came away with awesome shots. How did you find out about Wordcamp and do you know if they ever run these in Canada or specifically Toronto?

    1. Just following up. Info sent via Twitter today. I hope they have one Edith. The one here was very well done.

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