Grand Canyon

50 Shades of Grey at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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Today we have one of the seven natural wonders of the world in 50 shades of grey. And yes that title is a play on words with the popular book. 

Layers of the Grand Canyon

Last summer I made a twelve hour storm chasing trip to the Grand Canyon. My buddy Bryan Snider and I decided last minute to try and grab some epic storm shots at the Canyon. The radar and forecast were showing signs of storm activity near the Canyon so we loaded up in hopes of some storm chasing action.

Upon arriving it became clear that the storms were beginning to die out. Our hopes quickly diminished of getting crazy lightning in the canyon, but we were still standing in one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. All was not lost.

Bryan and I set up our cameras and began shooting until darkness fell. We each managed to grab some amazing sunset shots as the sun darted in and out of the clouds. Even with less than stellar conditions, the Grand Canyon never fails to deliver. It truly is something for everyone to see.

We packed up and made our trip back down the hill to Phoenix. In the end we were both pretty stoked about the trip and the images we got. Be sure to check out Bryan’s site as well to see some of his amazing Grand Canyon images.

I’m looking forward to going back this summer in hopes of catching a storm rolling through. It’s on the list so that has to happen!

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