Moving Rocks of Death Valley

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For starters I have to say seeing the moving rocks of Death Valley was high up on the awesome list. This eerie sight alone was worth the price of the trip from Phoenix.  

Mysterious Sailing Stones of Death Valley

I made the trip to California with a couple of photographer buddies for a long weekend of camping and capturing all that Death Valley had to offer. The one thing I wanted to see more than anything was the famous moving rocks of Death Valley. I had read the stories and seen the pictures of these basketball sized chunks of rock mysteriously sliding across the desert floor on their own. Seeing their tracks in the floor without any apparent help was simply amazing.

These rocks make their way across a vast dried lake bed known as Racetrack Playa. How they move is still somewhat of a mystery, but geologists think they have solved the mystery of the moving rocks of Death Valley. Personally I think the rocks are from deep space and contain little aliens that will one day pop out and start dancing. But that’s just me.

I have quite a bit more from the trip to showcase including images from Devil’s Golf Course, the salt flats, and Badwater Basin. So stay tuned for those. Click on the images below to see them bigger.

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Moving Rocks

Moving Rocks

Moving Rocks

Moving Rocks