Allen wrench with ballhead

A 4mm Allen Wrench

Allen wrench with ballhead


Yes, this is a post about an Allen wrench.  Why?  Because the lack of this little tool caused me some grief on our recent night photo walk.

About half way into our walk I noticed my camera was moving within the quick mount of my ball head.  I checked the locking lever to make it sure it was tight as well as the plate that mounts to my camera.  What I found was the mounting plate on the top of my new ball head was slightly loose.  And to add the misery I was sporting a new camera bag so I had not taken the time to add all the usual accessories. Grrr.

I chalk this up to “what goes around, comes around”.  I always kid Rick Young and Ken Peterson about the amount of gear they bring out when shooting.  These guys come loaded for bear I tell you.  They could easily last 5 days in the bush of Africa.  As luck would have it even with all their gear the wrenches they had did not fit my ball head so I had to make do.  Live and learn.

I think the Boy Scouts say it best with their motto, “Be Prepared”.

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  1. It’s amazing how one piece of gear can save a photo shoot. Jason carried a rocket air blower thing with us to Australia, and that saved me from having a vacation full of photos with a squiggly S shape on them all.

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