A Boy Named Colt

A little boy.

Click the pic to see Colt in a bigger view

A little different post today from the normal.  I would like to introduce you to Colton, or Colt as he is known by his parents.  I was given the opportunity to capture some shots of him and his parents last weekend.   This little guy was pure fun to shoot.

I always have a blast when I am shooting kids.  I have two of my own and one thing I have learned is you have to be ready every second you are shooting.  They will do things in a blink of an eye that is precious and timeless.  Colt was no different.  Once we got to the park you could tell he was in his element.  He wasted no time hitting his favorite past time, playing in the sand.  My kind of guy.

This shot really grabbed my attention when I was going through the images.  It just has that natural innocent expression that only a one year old can give.

Until next time…

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