The Brickhouse

A restaraunt in downtown Phoenix Arizona.

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Today’s image is from a photo walk we did a few months back in downtown Phoenix.  This building caught my eye for several reason.  The jumps from textures on it are insane.  You have bricks starting on the left migrating to a stucco finish, then more bricks, and finally some flat faced doors for good measure.  Oh and lets not forget a hint of graffiti.

With all the crazy texture I decided to have fun in post processing and push the development more than what I normally do.  I generally prefer a more natural look to my images, but every now and then I like to step outside the box and see what else is out there.  I’m not overly in love with the comp, but given the number of people that were out that night this was about as good as I was going to get at the time.

What I really want to do is go back and shoot this with a fisheye lens.  I think this building has some great potential with a fish look.

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  1. The building has a lot of character, I don’t mind your comp at all, I think it really works! Fisheye would definitely be interesting… give it a shot!

  2. You’re right, great textures on this building Chris. I like the shot. I’ll be interested in seeing the result if you ever capture it with the fisheye.

  3. … She’s a brick… HOOoouussee…Dang it, now I’m gunna have that stuck in my head all day!

    Really neat shot, I love the texture. This building has so much going on. Honestly though, I think the subdued yellow tones of the hydrant really make this shot.

    1. I was so tempted to title it with that song but wimped out. 🙂 if nothing else it would of been fun to put that song in others heads as well.

  4. Since it seems like youre asking for some constructive feedback, I’ll offer some 🙂 Like you said, a lot of character. With that, theres a tendency to fit it all in. When you head back, maybe try focusing closer on some of that character rather than shooting the entire building. I dig the shot though.

    1. Yes, it is always a struggle as to what to include and what not to. Go for the detail of an area or show the scene as you remembered it. I almost feel like this building could be broken down into 3-4 separate images. Or it could stay as one.

      Seeing all the awesome fisheye pics lately makes me want to shoot this with a fish and see what happens. Perhaps focusing in a little tighter might yield even another unique view.

      Thanx for the comment Jesse.

  5. Not sure how I totally missed this building, but I totally missed this building during the photowalk. Nice shot – look forward to the fishy version of it to come! 🙂

  6. What a nice crusty old place. Hard to resist the texture of the the decaying brickwork and direct painted sign. Nice find and photo!

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