A Sedona Milky Way

Milky Way

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Red Rocks and the Milky Way

Earlier this week I had a chance to do a personal shoot that has been on my to do list for quite some time. I finally ventured out and photographed the Milky Way over Sedona.

I have always been fascinated by star photography in particular the shots of the Milky Way. Photographers have been able to frame it with some amazing backdrops of Mother Earth. Living in Phoenix we have zero chance of seeing the Milky Way given our light pollution. This in turn forces us to drive a minimum of 2 hours to get far enough away to see and photograph it.

So Wednesday afternoon I set out with my buddy Brian Snyder to make our way to Sedona. Our plan was to get there before sunset and scout out locations. Armed with a savvy iPhone app we knew where the Milky Way would rise in Sedona.  It was just a matter of finding a good spot to frame it.

My excitement for this trip was also fueled by the lens I have on loan from Canon. As a member of their professional services I get to evaluate various gear from them. I chose their 14mm wide angle lens for this trip. I must say I’m in love with all that ultra wideness. Santa are you listening?

Bryan and I mapped our spots and then settled in for some sunset shooting (stay tuned for a future post). We got our sunset photos along with a few candid pics of each of us with Sedona’s red rocks in the background. After that our next task was to find food. This turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. Sedona rolls up their sidewalks around 8:30. We were forced to settle for a Subway sandwich for dinner. Could have been worse I guess.

The witching hour approached and right on queue the Milky Way appeared around midnight. We were both giddy as we starting seeing it on the backs of our cameras. Such an amazing thing to see.  I still have a few left to be processed so stay tuned over the next few weeks.

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