Broken Sunset Over Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake Sunset

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Sunset on Tempe Town Lake

Last night I had a little time on my hands so I headed out to grab a sunset shot over Tempe Town Lake. You never show what Mother Nature will deal you at the end of the day, sometimes a winning hand sometimes a losing hand. 

As I was driving over to Tempe Town Lake my gut was telling me the sunset was going to be a bust. Nonetheless I was already out and on my way so need in turning back. If nothing else I knew the winds would help me get a long exposure image.  After setting up and watching the clouds begin to disappear at a rapid clip I knew the sunset would not be what I had hoped for.  Ah Mother Nature you can be so cruel.

My 5 year old was with me so at least he was having fun filling the lake with rocks. I conceded the sunset shot I wanted and broke out my 10 stop filter. I figured I might be able to salvage some sort of Tempe Town Lake sunset. After grabbing a few frames I realized how fast the clouds were actually moving. Had I arrived a little earlier I could have made a decent time lapse out of the evening.

What I ended up with is a few shots of some decent cloud movement across the lake. After processing this image I was quite pleased. Sometimes you can salvage something from nothing.

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