An old pier at the Salton Sea at sunset.

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Sunset Falls on the Salton Sea

Today we go back to the Salton Sea.  This is in my top 10 list of the most craziest places I have visited.

Way back in January of this year I ventured over to Joshua Tree National Park for a photog camping trip.  We spent the first night (freezing) in Joshua Tree and then headed over to the Salton Sea the following afternoon.

The landscape at Salton is something out of a post apocalyptic war movie.  The high salt content and corrosion is abundant at every turn.  This is only one upped by the amount of dead fish and bones strewn throughout the seashore.  I kid you not.  Given that I would still encourage anyone to visit for the experience.  It is something you don’t come across every day and for good reason.  It is an area that had its moment briefly and now has past.

Standing on this pier I couldn’t help but visualizing a bride and groom exchanging vows.  I think this would be an awesome place to shoot a wedding.  The contrast of the decay and a young couple starting their life together would be amazing.  A Salton Sea wedding!

We hung around for a spectacular sunset and then made our way back to Phoenix.   It was a great trip highlighted with awesome friends..

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