Fall Color 2012

A fern is partially lit by the morning sun.

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A couple of weekends ago we took what will probably be our last camping trip of the year to Sedona.  Fall weather has finally come to the high country of Arizona bringing with it cold nightly temperatures. 

This trip served an additional purpose in we were hoping our timing would be good for fall color.  As fate would have it we were about a week early.  The trees had begun to change color but only a few had really made the transition to fall.  Nonetheless we enjoyed our hike on the West Fork Trail just outside of Sedona.  Actually I should say we and the 1000 others that were out on the trail.

A few of the fall color along the West Fork Trail near Sedona Arizona.


Not so long ago you could hike the trail and only meet a few people.   That has changed as now it seems the whole population of Phoenix has discovered it.  The nature lovers, the hikers, the families, and yes even those darn photographers all have descended upon this gem of a trail.  Of course it no real surprise as it offers stunning views and manages to cross Oak Creek multiple times for some fun water crossings.

Leaves begin to change color on the West Fork Trail near Sedona Arizona.

Fall color comes to the West Fork Trail near Sedona Arizona.

Our trip last year proved more fruitful for pictures, but we still had a great time enjoying the views and the cooler temps.

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