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Arizona Dust Storm Overtakes Tempe Town Lake

Arizona Dust Storm Engulfs Tempe Town Lake

Now that the monsoon season is here I’m ready for an old fashion Arizona dust storm just like this one from last year. With the monsoon having arrived that means for the next few months we will get our lion’s share of rain courtesy of violent thunderstorms.

Besides torrential rainfall these storms bring spectacular lightning shows along with massive dust storms. Both of these natural phenomenon are sites to behold. Pictures and videos just don’t do them justice. It is an entirely different experience to be outside and watch an Arizona dust storm engulf a city.

Last year I made my way down to Tempe Town Lake after hearing news of an approaching dust storm. Time was short so I had to move quick if I wanted to get my time lapse. I knew the dust storm was approaching from the south so if I could make it there in time I would have a good composition for my time lapse.

Upon arriving I quickly checked my radar app to see how far out the storm was. I guessed I had about 10 minutes to set up and prepare for the onslaught. Scanning the north side of the lake I settled in on a spot close to the bridge. I wanted it in my time lapse to show scale of the approaching dust storm. Once I started shooting I had some time to just sit there and watch as the haboob made its way toward me. In the video you will see some adventurous kayakers holding out to the very end to get out of the lake.  Brave souls.

I am so excited that the monsoon is here and I have several months of storm chasing ahead of me. From photographing lightning to time lapsing thunderstorms my schedule will be full. We have some crazy weather here so I think my chances are good for capturing another Arizona dust storm.

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  1. Super time lapse Chris! Oh how I miss AZ. I was stationed at Ft Huachuca back in the late ’80s. It’s an amazing place that I have just not been able to get back to since, but will someday for sure!

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