Supermoon Rises Over the Arizona Desert


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The Supermoon Rises Over the Arizona Landscape Near Phoenix

In case you hadn’t heard tonight was the Supermoon. It’s a rare event when the moon is full and it happens to be at its closest point to “Mother Earth”. This gives an illusion of a bigger moon in the sky. The reason… is still a mystery.

This was my 2nd attempt at capturing the Supermoon as I struck out the previous night. My buddy Bryan Snider and I ventured out on Saturday night to an area known as Four Peaks just outside of Phoenix. We scouted out some areas and waited for Luna to make an appearance. We both got some shots with cactus framed with the moon but neither of us were overly joyed with what we got.  I was hoping for a bigger moon than what we saw at Four Peaks. The mountainous terrain prevented us from seeing the moon come up at the horizon and that was our biggest challenge. We had to wait longer for it to clear the mountains.


So tonight I figured I would try a different location and more importantly different terrain. I chose one of my favorite stomping grounds, the Superstition Mountains. I gave up on the idea of framing the Supermoon against a big saguaro cactus and opted for catching it rising over the mountains. My iPhone app told me that the moon would pop up over on the shorter side of the Supers, so I figured I could catch it earlier tonight on the rise. I had a fairly large lens that would get me the reach I needed so the only thing left was to get the exposure right and snap the shot.

After getting home and processing these I was quite happy with what I got. In the field you are never quite sure when you are staring at 3″ screen on the back of your camera.  Anything can look good at 3″. 🙂

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  1. Was dreading Supermoon weekend because of the insane amount of photos I would be seeing, most of them utterly boring, but this was awesome man. Killed it.

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