Arizona highway 88 with blue skies and clouds.

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Arizona highway 88 with blue skies and clouds.

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I probably should have titled this Arizona highways image “An Ode to Mike” since fellow photog friend Mike Olbinski is always posting cool road shots.   Last weekend I made a trip out toward one of my favorite places, Lost Dutchman State Park.    We had just had rain and with the lower temperatures there was snow on the Supers.  Of course somehow I had managed to scare the clouds away by the time I arrived.  Given the clouds were gone, and the snow was on the backside, I bailed on the Supers and headed out on the highway.  Looking for adventure. (Love that song)

So back in the Tacoma and continuing on Highway 88 with Plan B in mind.  Plan B being capture anything that looks cool.  As I crested a small hill I had a nice stretch of highway looming before me that was loaded with a puffy sky.  Plan B had found me.  Of course getting these shots is not without some risk.  You get to be that stupid photographer standing in the middle of the road taking pictures.  All the while hoping that your sense of hearing is your best attribute or end up on the evening news.  Safe to say I got the shot and made it back in one piece.

The AZ sky we have here is simply amazing.  Anytime the clouds are around I am compelled to head out and grab some brackets.  Summer is coming which means heat and cloudless sky (Boo again Mother Nature). I look forward to capturing more Arizona highways as the adventure continues.

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  1. I think I found a fabulous picture for my center wall at the office. I have been looking for six month now. I love it!

  2. the kind of image that makes me want to hop in the car and leave it all behind … well, all except for the camera gear, of course!!! Fabulous pov … colors … WOW!!!!! (DO hope this wasn’t a belly shot flat out in the middle of the road, lol!!!!!) WOW and WOW!!!!!

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