Old bridge at Two Guns AZ

Busted & Broken in Two Guns AZ

Old bridge at Two Guns AZ

This is my 3rd post from our trip to northern AZ.  Our first stop was an old ghost town called Two Guns.  It is roughly 30 miles east of Flagstaff AZ.  Two Guns has a torrid past dating back to the old west.  Today there a few remains from days past.

One of those remains is this old foot bridge.  None of us were brave or foolish enough to walk across it.  Most likely a good call as a fall from there would of ended what would become a stellar day.

I’m not sure what purpose this bridge served as it seems to lead to nowhere.  Perhaps there was more there at one time, but I guess that will remain a mystery.


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  1. I really like the texture that your black and white processing brings out. I would have been tempted to short the DOF a lot, but I think that the really deep DOF works really well for this one.

  2. Nice photo! From other Google Images, this looks like the footbridge above the fissure leading to the Apache Death Cave. once a tourist attraction. Try Googling that phrase for the 1878 story.

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