Sunset on the Superstitions

Sunset falls on the Superstition Mountains

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One of the things I love about living in the southwest are the sunsets.  The colors we get here are simply amazing.  

My loving wife gave me a green light yesterday to head out for a few hours to shoot some sunset landscapes. Time was short so I decided to head out to one of my favorite stomping grounds, Lost Dutchman State Park. This park is home to the Superstition Mountains which I have blogged about on numerous occasions.

As much as I have been here you would think I would get tired of taking their picture but in reality it is just the opposite. I’ve never understood it but something always draws me to the “Supers”.  For lack of a better word they provide a zen environment for me to recharge.

Yesterday’s sunset was amazing and this image doesn’t do it justice.  As the sun disappeared on the horizon, the mountains were briefly lit with the day’s last rays. In these fleeting moments I just set and stare at the light show that Mother Nature provides.

I keep telling myself that some day I need to leave the camera behind and just totally be in the moment without worrying about framing the shot.  Good luck with that one!


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  1. I can see the magic in this place. I guess it’s never the same two days running. That’s the joy of places like this – there’s always a subtle difference in the light. Great shot Chris

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