The financial district of Boston Massachusetts.

Boston Skyline at Night

Boston Skyline

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Today I’m wrapping up my New England series for the week.   The above image is the Boston skyline of the financial district.   I had walked the city during the early evening and made my way across the Northern Avenue Bridge towards the courthouse.  A friend had recommended this viewpoint for shooting the skyline at dusk.  Luck was with me that night as I had wonderful clouds in the sky.  Sometimes Mother Nature plays along.  Side note: one tip I was taught a long time ago when shooting night city-scapes is to shoot them at dusk.  If you wait until night you get little to no contrast with the buildings.

My only regrets were that I didn’t have a wider zoom and was not familiar with HDR photography at the time.  This is a single image exposure shot on a tripod processed in Lightroom. Still the Boston skyline shows up quite nice.

The brightly lit archway I believe is a part of the Rowes Wharf if memory serves.  Perhaps one of my fellow New England togs can verify this?

That wraps up Bean Town for the week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Great night shot. I haven’t tried Phoenix Downtown, but I wonder if it will look like this one.

    I like the composition and the reflection on the water.

  2. Dynamic shot Chris! Love how the midnight blue walk-way leads your eye right to the brilliantly lit skyscrappers and arch. That moody sky is the perfect backdrop.

  3. Being a resident of a suburb outside the city and having seen thousands of Boston skyline shots – I have to say you’ve really captured an amazing perspective and a nicely done night shot. Bravo!

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