Arizona sunset as seen on the Chase Tower building in Phoenix.

Urban Sunset

Arizona sunset as seen on the Chase Tower building in Phoenix.

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Today will be rather short and sweet.  Last week we had two days of overcast and on the first day the sunset was simply amazing.  Of course I missed it and regretted it that whole night.  Well, when the next day rolled around with the same overcast look I knew Mother Nature was throwing me a bone.  You don’t get many second chances with Her, so you act when you have the chance.

The building pictured is the Chase Tower in downtown Phoenix.  I was hoping for more of the sunset to reach higher on the building but I believe the overcast kept that from happening.

This is a 5 bracket HDR image processed with Lightroom, Photomatix Pro, CS4, and Phototools.

Camera: Canon 40D with Tamron 17-35mm wide angle zoom

Tags: cityscape, architecture, Phoenix Arizona, sunset, city, Chase Tower, evening, urban

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  1. That is some amazing color. I am digging the contrast between the fiery clouds on one side, and the cool clouds on the other side of the building. Great shot!

  2. I think that we received the same cloud reflections memo this week! Very dramatic capture and creative, down-low perspective. Love the contrast between the foreground and background buildings.

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