Lighting a Desert Flower

Children's on location portrait

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Last weekend we finally had some free time as a family and decided to take a trip out to the 4 Peaks area for some on location portraits. And of course I got to photograph one of my favorite clients, my daughter. 

Our trip served two purposes in that one was for the kids to see the snow on the peaks and the other was for me to practice with a new lighting modifier. Both my son and daughter enjoy being out in the desert.  For this trip we knew given the muddy conditions it would be pointless to expect the 5 year old to stay clean, so that meant our daughter got to be the model for the evening.

I feel as a photographer it’s good to push yourself with new challenges.  Rather it be for family portraits or weddings learning new techniques will allow the creativity to grow. Last year I started learning off camera flash to add another level to my portrait and wedding photography. I have more to learn but I feel like I’m starting to get it.

The shot above and the following shots are some of my favorites from our little on location photo shoot. I was so proud of my daughter  who is growing up way too fast.

Young girl posing for an on location shoot

Young child posing in the desert with a full moon

Young girl on location photo session


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