Purple Sunset Over Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake train bridge

Click the pic for a bigger view

Something fun and simple for the blog today. I was cleaning out some of my photography folders and stumbled across this shot of the train bridge over Tempe Town Lake.

Over the last couple years I’ve taken several of these sunset shots of Tempe Town Lake. Each one has the warm Arizona glow from our gorgeous sunsets here in the valley of the sun. So with this one I decided to cool it down for a little different look. What would really make this pop would be to have a bride and groom out there in a canoe lit by a remote flash. Hmm I like that idea. One for next time.

When I first started working on this shot the first thing that popped into my head was the song “Purple Rain” by Prince. I have no idea why other than the color. I wanted to try and work a bad pun with this “Purple Train” but fell short. Guess I should stick to photography and stay away from the bad jokes.

I do hope to experiment with more of my landscape shots in the future. Tweaking this image of Tempe Town Lake was fun and has me looking at scenes with more potential now.

Have a great weekend!!!

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