Cholla Desert Storm

Desert Landscape black and white

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Happy Friday everyone! As we roll into the weekend here in Arizona with an expected temperature of 90 degrees, I thought I would share a desert storm shot.

For those who follow this blog you know I’m a huge fan of black and white photography. I love the way a scene is brought to life through its features and character when stripped of color. This desert storm making its way across the desert is a perfect example.

The above shot of the cholla I managed to capture a few weeks back when we had some nice thunderstorms roll through the valley of the sun. A cholla is a bonefied bad boy of the Arizona desert landscape. You want no part of those wicked plants. They are worse than a cactus when it comes to being sticky. That fuzzy outline you see is actually a bunch of nasty sharp splines just waiting for someone to get too close.

Soon the Arizona landscape will be basking in triple digits while we seek the comfort of AC. The only good thing to come are the monsoon storms which of course means storm chasing. But for now we must enjoy our mild weather while it lasts.


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