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Sometimes you have to bribe your toughest clients to sit for you. Case in point is my 10 year old daughter. 

At times I have to resort to frozen yogurt bribes to get 15 minutes of her time. A diva in the making or a lawyer? Hmm. Nonetheless an offer was made and accepted to photograph her. She just recently moved up in size on the violin so I thought it would be fun to get a creative portrait of her. I love doing these types of shots rather it be a one year old or a Top Gun fighter pilot, it gives me a chance to hand over a creative portrait to my clients.

Since time was short and I knew my client would hold me to 15 minutes, we moved quickly to the garage for an impromptu setup. A posing stool, a light stand, a flash with a grid and one 10 year old were ready in 5 minutes. That left me 10 minutes to grab a few shots.

I started shooting and kept questions to a minimum. I did throw out a few “suck up” questions and asked how the new violin compared to the old one. Much to my delight she willingly explained all the differences.

Later in the evening we made our way over to the frozen yogurt place and indulged in the bribery. It’s important to maintain client relations. And who knows her orchestra teacher may just get a creative portrait of this rising star.

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