The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge at night

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A Nightime Glimpse of The Golden Gate Bridge

Last week (and this week) my day job had me visiting the infamous “Silicon Valley” of northern California. I was pretty busy with the work schedule so I only managed one trip into the city. Since time was a premium (it took me 1.5 hours from Sunnyvale to San Francisco) I chose the Golden Gate as my subject for the night.

I have only been to San Francisco one other time with my wife for a short vacation. We did manage to bike across the bridge and later enjoy the beautiful weather over on Sausalito. As I approached the Golden Gate Bridge once again I was in awe at this engineering marvel. The sheer size overwhelms anything that drives, walks, or pedals across it. Traffic was relatively light as I made my way over this amazing piece of concrete and steel.

My destination was the Marin Headlands. Granted it is a typical “shot to death” location but I wanted my shot from there. I made my way to Hendrik Point and grabbed several shots as the fog rolled in. One of my favorites is shown below. You can see the fog on the south side beginning to creep into the city like a silent monster devouring everything in its path. Satisfied with what I got there, I drove on up to Hawk Hill.  This location provided more of a full view of the bridge. The pano shot above was taken from the parking lot at Hawk Hill.

I would have loved to have stayed longer to see what would of happened with the fog continuing to roll in. However, I had a long enough drive back and wasn’t sure if the fog would add to that drive. Nonetheless it was a fun night of shooting and totally worth the trip.

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View of Golden Gate from Hendrik Point

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  1. This is such an iconic structure that it’s difficult to create a ‘different’ view – but you’ve achieved that with these shots. Well done, Chris.

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