Subtle light on a mountain in the Arizona desert.

Desert Light

Subtle light on a mountain in the Arizona desert.

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A few weeks ago I found myself back at a favorite spot of mine, the Lost Dutchman State Park.  I don’t know what it is that draws me there but something always does.

We had just had a monsoon storm past the previous night so I figured there would be good cloud cover the next day.  I loaded my 8 year old daughter up and we set out to snap some pics.  Upon arriving I noticed the light was changing dramatically as the clouds were rolling.  Timing was going to be everything.  As I set up for the above image the foreground mountain was “moving” in and out of the sun.  The transitions were quick but I was able to capture several shots with it partially lit.

The mountain to the right is known as 4 Peaks.  When viewed from most locations here in the valley you can see 4 distinct peaks.  This view does not quite lend itself to that and the shadowing from the cloud cover doesn’t help either.  Satisfied with the shots I had, we packed up and headed out.  There is only so much of 110 degree heat one can stand.  Especially an 8 year old.

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Camera: Canon 40D with a Tamron 17-35mm zoom

Processing: Lightroom 3, CS4, Phototools 2.6

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  1. Great shot Chris. Love the threatening clouds. Extremely well seen and captured. I love the southwest but I don’t know if I could take the heat (I know, it’s not the heat but the humidity…)

  2. sorry about that, Chris. Something went haywire in the middle of my comment.

    Anyhow, I was about to mention that awesome sky and the overall colors. Great shot!

  3. I love the lighting. You hit this one at the perfect time. I am a bit ashamed to say that I have not been in the park. I have been all around it, but not actually in the park.

  4. Wow, great clouds here. Beautiful shot. Love the National parks shots, especially since I am sitting over here in Italy missing them oh so much… Great work!

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