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Desert Storm Cell 9

A huge storm cell with a large rain core















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Sometimes you never know what you will come across when you aren’t really looking for it.  Last week we had stormy weather in the area so I decided to throw my camera in the truck as I left for work. Little did I know I would come across this massive desert storm.

I thought I might catch some decent cloud structure on the way in but the storms were fading so my chances looked slim.  Once I made my way to the 101 highway I could see this system off in the distance.  I summoned my old Frogger skills as I began weaving through traffic.  It just so happened my work exit would provide a great view of this system rolling in.  My only problem would be if I could get off the highway fast enough before it died.

Once I made the exit I set up for the shot and fired away.  These types of cells are just incredible to watch.  The amount of rain they can drop is insane.  The whole time I was shooting this I couldn’t help but think how cool would it be to have a bride standing in the foreground.  “A storm chasing bridal shot” would have been pretty epic.   Of course timing a wedding with a storm like this would call for the stars to be perfectly aligned.  Nonetheless one can hope.

Until next time.


Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 17-40L

Processing: Lightroom 4.1, CS5, Phototools 2.6


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  1. I like that you had to play Frogger to get to this in time 😉 That looks like a crazy amount of rain, and I am so glad I am not in a suit trying to run from my car to the office in that. NUTS, NUTS I TELL YOU!

  2. I think I made need to get a print of this photo! This is absolutely sick Chris! I’ve been wanting something like this all year! Great shot Chris and shoot me e-mail on some prices :)!

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