Eye of the Staircase


A view of a staircase.

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This is another impromptu shot from my quick stop at ASU.  While cutting through campus I passed by this parking garage with a spiral staircase.   Sensing a shot I pulled over to take a look. The first thing I thought was, man I wish I owned a fisheye.  After pondering that for a few seconds I grabbed some brackets.

When I started processing this one I wasn’t sure the direction to take.  This staircase did not have the extreme depth like you find in a grand hotel or other tall building.  Hmm.  The one area I did want to focus on or actually blur was the outer railings.  Since they were in the foreground and larger I wanted to blur them slightly and focus attention to the “eye” of the picture.   A little soft radial blur and mission accomplished.

Like most photogs I generally carry my camera with me at all times in hopes of capturing that next prize winning photo.   While these images from ASU may not win a prize, they still give me justification for lugging that old camera gear around.  I’ll take it.

Until next time…

Processing info: shot with a Canon 40D, Tamron 17-35mm zoom, Lightroom 3, CS4, Photo Tools 2.6 and Photomatix 4

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  1. Looks pretty awesome to me Chris! I like the processing here, the B&W is a nice choice, and the POV is incredible. The line of the staricase leads you right into the middle of the shot.

    It’s always worth lugging the gear around, that’s for sure!

  2. I like the choice of going b/w as it brings out a lot of the lines in this image. I really like how the swirling leads you up into the bright light in the frame as well. Really cool!

  3. that is a cool shot – I’ve always wanted a staircase shot like this, just haven’t found any yet!! well done, great processing too!

  4. Very cool, I’ve been searching for a good spiral staircase to shoot myself! Even though it’s apparent that it’s a staircase the photo has a bit of an abstract look to it as well! Thanks for sharing!

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