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I guess I would be a bad parent if I didn’t post a few pics of my family from time to time.  In an effort to stay out of trouble I proudly present my 8 year old as today’s post.

This was taken back in February at one of her swim meets.  She has been swimming since she was 2 years old so she is quite the fish.   One of the things that has cracked us about her is she excels at the breast stroke but struggles with the freestyle stroke.  Go figure.

This image is simple in composition but I just love the moment as it is captured.  If you have ever competed in sports you know this moment I’m talking about.  One little detail that I think adds to the shot is the water drop on her right goggle.  It just completes the scene.

The other contributor to this image was it was shot on the long end of my 70-200L.  I’m a huge fan of the 85mm for portrait head shots but shooting at 200 also has its own special look with the compression it gives.

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  1. Wow, love the color too… and it brings back very fond memories. We all learned to swim practically before we could walk and nephew swam for Cape Province (those days provinces) very, very young! Goggles and caps, oh those were the days! Thanks for sharing that with us.

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