Fall Color in Arizona

Fall Color in Arizona


Fall Color in Arizona

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Fall color in Arizona is always a treat for my wife and I to witness. After moving here from the midwest it is one of those seasonal things you quickly miss while living in the desert southwest. 

Beautiful Fall Color in Arizona

A few weeks back we took our kids camping for a weekend trip. With the night time temperatures dropping in the high country we decided to camp in Sedona instead of Flagstaff. Of course being in Sedona is always a good call as the red rocks never fail to disappoint. This trip however was more for seeing the yellows and reds of the trees than Sedona’s famous rock structures.

We started our Saturday morning out on the West Fork trail just north of Sedona. This has to be one of the most popular hiking trails in all of Arizona. Ten years ago you wouldn’t see that many people on it but the last few years its popularity has soared. You come across a variety people out on the trail. From the hardcore backpackers to people dressed in slacks and leather dress shoes. I kid you not.

Fall Color in Arizona

As we made our way in it was clear we were early on the fall colors. Nonetheless we pressed on for a ways to enjoy the hike. Our kids love the water crossings through Oak Creek as it parallels the trail. My wife and I decided to turn back early and make our way towards Flagstaff and hope we would see more color at the higher elevations. We decided to drive up to Snowbowl, one of Arizona’s ski resorts to see if the Aspens were turning gold. Our gamble paid off.

fall color in Arizona

Along the way up we could see that the Aspens had indeed began changing with the cooler temperatures of the high country. What a special sight to see. For many who live in normal seasonal areas it may be hard to fully appreciate our enjoyment of seeing yellow leaves. 🙂 When you live among cactus and cholla plants the yellow and red leaves are a welcomed sight this time of the year. Fall color in Arizona will never get old.

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