panorama of the superstition mountains

Panorama of the Superstition Mountains

panorama of the superstition mountains

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This panorama of the Superstition Mountains really shows off the landscape of the Arizona desert. Given its rugged mountains and moody clouds this image tells you what Arizona is all about. 

Panorama of the Superstition Mountains

If you read this blog you know I’m a huge fan of black and white photography. Rather it be portraits or landscapes the absence of color always speaks to me. Since we see in color I believe a black and white image always gets our attention because it requires us to actually view it and make an effort in our head to process it. With color images it is easy to gloss over them with our brains on auto pilot.

The panorama of the Superstition Mountains you see above was composed from five separate images stitched together for the final composite. All of those were taken with a Fujix100s camera. The little Fuji (as I call it) amazes me with the quality of images it can deliver. It has a retro film camera look to it and is mainly intended to be a street photography / snapshot camera. However it is proving itself to be more than that and able to hold its own in the landscape world.

I captured this shot while out storm chasing back in August. A storm system was beginning to move in just south of the Superstition Mountains so I made my way to high ground to prepare for it. The location I chose gave me an excellent view of the storm that was coming in as well as the view you see above of the Superstitions. Sometimes you get lucky. I have a few lightning shots still to process from that storm so stay tuned for those in an upcoming blog post.

I’ve said it countless times but the Superstitions are very near and dear to my heart. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve photographed them over the years but each time I visit them it is always something special. They are my zen.

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