Flower Power

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A little more macro fun on the blog today.  Earlier this week I had a post of my two kids shot with a Canon 100mm macro lens.   I had rented the lens for a wedding and had a few extra days with it.   Figured since I had it might as well “play” with it.

Shooting macros is not something I normally do.  I tend to prefer “bigger” pictures by way of landscapes.  However it is fun to try new things and experience the results.  Just like in life.

You can see how fast the fall off of the focus is with this lens when shooting wide open.  Simply amazing.  I want one.

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 100mm L macro

Processing: Lightroom 3


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  1. Nice Macro!! I bought the 105mm Macro from Nikon last year and have had a ball with it. I need to dust it off and start using it more. Well done. Merry Christmas!

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