Into The Storm


A monsoon storm racing across the Arizona desert.

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Road shots.  What is about these that draws me in?  Perhaps it’s the suggestion of a journey to the unknown or a confirmation of where I’ve been.  Regardless of the why, I love setting up my camera and capturing the horizon.

If you follow this blog you have seen several of these types of images.  For each one I always strive to frame something unique.  In this case an Arizona monsoon storm racing across the desert outside of Tucson.

When I set this up I wanted to frame it differently but kept coming back to splitting it 50/50 between the sky and the foreground.  I wanted to be sure to highlight the storm on the horizon and yet the road in the foreground sets the path to the storm.  Therefore the framing is split even between the two.

Much to the dismay of my wife I enjoy shooting these type of images immensely.  She always questions my sanity about standing in the middle of the road to take a picture, for which I respond with “that’s where you are supposed to be”.

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 40D with a Tamron 17-35mm

Processing: Lightroom 3.6, Photomatix 4, CS5, Phototools 2.6

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  1. dude, the lighting in this is just freaking sweet! I had to go back and look at it a few times. Id like to know how you processed this one also!

    1. Thank you. It’s a 5 shot HDR image. Coming out of Photomatix I strive for a basic flat tone mapped image. No styling there. I take it into CS5 and then go to Phototools 2.6 for the styling part. Most of the time I like using the “basic brushes” in Phototools. For this one I also used the “tea stained” preset to darken it.

  2. Can’t believe I missed this last week. I do love these shots Chris and you alwys manage to make these road shots interesting and capture dramatic skys. Love it.

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