H2 Oh

This past Saturday I participated in the Phoenix Photo Walk held by Mike Olbinski.  This one started at 6pm so the focus would be night time shots.  Shooting at night is always fun especially when you have a city backdrop such as Phoenix.

Our merry troop departed Coach & Willies slightly after 6pm to begin our excursion.  Amazing the looks you get when you are part of 20 or so photogs who are packing crazy camera gear. You never know if people are amazed or just sizing you up thinking they could relieve you of that gear.  Safety in numbers.

H2 offroad vehicle

One of the first things I photographed was this H2.  It was parked in one of the paid parking lots we crossed through.  I’m sure they were one of the many attending the Lady Gaga concert that night.  Not sure why I really stopped to shoot it, but I did.  I generally laugh at these things because in all my years offroading here in AZ I’ve never seen one out on the trail.   They are just too big and clunky.  Not to mention expensive.   If anyone here in AZ takes theirs out on the trail, please send me an email as I would love to hear that one has actually gotten dirty.

Back to the shot.  This is the result of 5 bracketed images (-2EV to +2EV) stacked together with Photomatx Pro and additional post processing in CS4 and LR3.   And yes this image is slightly overcooked.  It was intended to be as I was having some fun with Photomatix.  Overcooking is something I’m not a fan of when it comes to photography and HDR.  I understand and respect that some photographers interpret their photography this way and that’s cool.  Its just not my favorite thing.

The story will continue…

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  1. Glad you go the comments working! I stopped by yesterday but couldn’t leave one. Nice job with this photo. I look forward to seeing more.

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