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Haboob Hits Tempe Town Lake


Today we have something a little different on the blog.  This is a timelapse of a haboob (dust storm) that made its way across the east valley.  

I started chasing storms last summer and became immediately hooked. This type of photography allows me to stay active during the summer months here in Arizona when weddings and portraits have slowed due to the heat. Our summer monsoon season brings intense thunder storms with loads of lightning and a by-product known as a haboob or dust storm.   These powerful walls of sand are generated from the down draft of large storms that spring up in the desert. They are an amazing thing to witness in person.  I’ve lived here since ’98 and have seen a fair share of these dust storms and it never gets old seeing them come in from the desert.  The height and width that these “storms” can achieve is mind-boggling. You stand there in awe watching a wall of dust engulf the city like a shadowy sand creature.

Last weekend we had one roll through the valley of the sun.  As you can see in the video this thing was huge.  By the time I left my house and started driving I knew there was no way I was going to get ahead of it to capture the whole thing.  It was moving quite fast so I headed to the first spot I could of think of that would give a nice vantage point.  I had originally wanted to get to a parking garage to be up high but was unable to locate one in the time I had.  I made my way down to Tempe Town Lake and set up to capture this monster rolling in. As my camera was clicking away it became apparent that I was not going to get the time I wanted to record this massive storm fast approaching.  I captured what I could and once it was on me I packed up and made my way to the truck.

I hope to catch a few more this monsoon season before the summer ends.


Until next time…


Camera: Canon 5DM2 with a Canon 17-40L

Processing: Lightroom 4.1, LR Timelapse templates, iMovie


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  1. Wow! Chris this probably my favorite thing you’ve ever produced! This is an awesome time-lapse with great composition and everything else! Can’t wait to see future time lapses from you

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