A Weekend Workshop

A young female model posing.

One of the things I love about photography is the endless pursuit of getting better.  I am constantly reading and watching tutorials, books, websites, and most recently attending workshops.  My buddy Trevor Dayley hosted an advanced workshop this past weekend that was loaded with information.

We spent two days going over all things photography.  One of those topics was shooting with off camera flash which I love to do.  We were able to go outside at sunset and practice with two gorgeous models, Kimberly and Tarah.  Most of us prefer to shoot with natural light and that certainly is the way to go when its available.  However there are times when one must turn to artificial light to get the shot.  Having a good grasp on the subject of flash photography will serve every wedding and portrait photographer well.

I can’t say enough about the fun I had with this class.  Trevor in is usual style kept it upbeat and fun the whole time.  In addition to the learning, I was able to meet some new photographers.  Certainly a win win situation.


A young female model posing

A young female model posing.

A young female model posing

Until next time…

Camera: Canon 5DM2 with a Canon 100mm L, Canon 50mm

Processing: Lightroom 4.1, CS5


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  1. It seems like every single time you post a set of images with your off camera flash, they continue to improve. It is crazy cool to see!

  2. It is really amazing what you can learn from a good workshop. I see some wonderful improvement in your portrait work Chris. I started doing workshops last year and will continue to do so.

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