Hawaiian sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian sunset

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I figured today we might as well kick off the weekend with a Hawaiian sunset. Man do I wish I was back in the south Pacific. 

Mother Nature Lights the Sky with a Hawaiian Sunset

Last fall my day job sent me to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. Yes, I know it was a tough assignment. Being stuck on a beautiful island and having to work is the pits. However, all was not lost as I did manage some free time on Oahu. I will just say this right now, Hawaii lives up to every bit of hype you have ever heard.

The vibrance of the greens and the mountains there were truly amazing. I’m not sure I have ever seen a more beautiful place. One thing that was interesting regarding the Hawaiian sunset above, it was one of two good ones that I saw for the entire two weeks I was out there. Of course there are a million other things to do besides take in sunsets. Visiting the Missouri battleship was an awesome experience.

I have many more images still yet to process from this trip. Hopefully I can get to those soon and share more of the island of Oahu.

Until next time…

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