Lightning Over Tucson

Lightning Over Tucson

Lightning Over Tucson

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With our monsoon season winding down I figured I should start blogging some of what I have captured like this shot of lightning over Tucson Arizona.

Monsoon Brings Lightning Over Tucson

Back in July I made a trip to Tucson for what was supposed to be an active night of storms. Of course anytime Mother Nature is in the equation you have an unknown on how the night will unfold. It’s certainly not fair but if you storm chase you accept it. I’ve lost count over the years of how many times I’ve returned home with very little or nothing in terms of keeper shots. I will say all it takes is one good keeper to make it all worth while. At least that’s what I tell myself.  🙂

This night had us running all around Tucson. We started out pretty far east for an early storm that I was able to time lapse and get a few lightning strikes from it. Stay tuned for that time lapse in a future post. As that storm died out we quickly turned to the radar to see where our next target would be.

We made our way south towards Sonoita for a decent storm that delivered quite a few strikes. Unfortunately like most monsoon storms the rain ended up forcing us away. On our way out we intercepted one more storm just south of Tucson.  It wasn’t much but it did have a few strikes in it. I managed to capture this lightning over Tucson among a few others. One thing I love about this image is the scale of it. The tower next to the lightning strike and the expanse of the city lights helps to really show the size of the monsoon storm.

This monsoon season has truly been amazing. A lot of us were worried early in the year about what to expect but have been rewarded with quite a few storms. Stay tuned for more images and time lapses from this epic season.

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