Lights on Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake

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A few nights ago I managed to sneak away for a little “me” time and photograph Tempe Town Lake. This is one of my go to places to have fun when time is limited.

Tempe Town Lake Lights the Night

If you follow this blog you have seen several shots of this vantage point. This one is a little different since it was shot with my newest camera, a Fuji x100s. I have been wanting to get out and shoot some landscapes and this was my second outing with it. So far I have been very pleased with the results.

The Fuji is a different camera from my normal DSLR. It has a fixed lens so no changing out lenses to fit a scene. I have to zoom with my feet or push the creative mindset on composition. These are two requirements that I am embracing whole heartedly. It is considerably smaller than my Canon cameras which makes it easier to bring along in everyday life.  My hope is to capture more of life and expand my creativity by being limited. What?

Just because it is smaller and lacks some features of my DSLRs, this camera has some features that my DSLRs don’t and that excites me. I will save those technicals for a later post which I can geek out on. For now the advantages of the Fuji x100s are its size, ability to be near silent, outstanding picture quality, retro feel, and finally an overall cool factor.

The Fuji has a form factor that mimics the old range finder film cameras. This gives it a retro feel that takes me back to my film days with my Canon AE-1. Professional photographers across the globe have embraced this camera for the reasons I have outlined above. It has enough features to be used for professional shots. Something I plan to use on my own wedding and portrait sessions.

Stay tuned for more posts and images taken with this amazing little camera.

Both of these images are available for purchase at my gallery site

Tempe Town lake

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  1. These are terrific Chris. The Fuji system is proving to be a winner for everyone who has gone with it. I am just starting to play with the XT-1

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