Looking Back On 2015 An Amazing Year

I figured I would start the new year with the end of the previous one. Looking back on 2015 was a year of growth and new adventures for my photography business. I was blessed to meet so many new people and take on some new projects that were out of my normal fare. From gorgeous weddings to storm chasing on the plains of Colorado I was quite busy during 2015. I couldn’t be happier.

“It’s a new year, new choices, new directions”


One of the areas I expanded in was using my studio even more this year. It was such a fun experience working with the studio lights and directing models. One area that I really enjoyed was doing fitness shoots both at the studio and on location. Those girls are true gym rats who show what hard work and clean eating can do for you. I’m looking forward to shooting more of those this year.

I would like to take moment thank everyone who trusted me with their photography needs. Weddings are a huge event in a couple’s lives and I am always honored to be a part of your day. Thank you so much!

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite images from this past year.

looking back on 2015

Chris And Cami Engagement 0039

Amber web water marked 0001 1 Prep and First Look 0038 1 First Look and Bridal Party 0207 Snow Covered Superstition Mountains 0001 Colors of San Diego 0001 Mill Avenue Bridge 0001 Alyssa Studio 0011 Tim Wiant 0008 Shanon Senior Portraits 0176 20150419_Senior_Logan_Janzen_Riperian 0060 20150422_Senior_Tim_Cuprak 0005 Cole On Canal nw 0005 Milky Way Over the Superstitions 0001 Walk to the Stars 0001 Prep Sean and Lisa 0003

Amanda Faves 0001

Kim Sneak Peek 0006 Windmills and Rainbows 0001 La Junta Supercell 0001 Daniel and Elisa Comic Book Store wm 0014 Naila Selects 0007 Shey Selects 0001 Angela wm 0026 Daniel and Elisa Love Park 0017 Something Wicked This Way Comes 0001 Haboob 0004 Monsoon Lightning One web 0001 A Sneak Peak 0001 Angela Fitness Studio 0023 Karen and Ivan Studio 0119 Lightning Dancer web 0001 Lightning Over the Superstitions web 0001 South Mountain Lightning 0001 Lightning and Shelf Cloud Petrified Forest 0001 Lisa 0007 Taylor 0007 Kerri Sneak Peek 0007 Toni 0001 Shelf Cloud Gila Bend AZ 0001

Lightning Over the Superstition Mountains 0001 Sky Harbor Lightning 0001 Kim Sneak Peek Sitting 0001 Prep First Look 0202 Carmen Proof 0074-Edit-Edit Carmen sneak peek 0001 The Dowdys 0054 Mercedes Selections 0007 Tucson Micro Burst 0001 Milky Way Lightning Rain 0001 Cactus Light web 0001 Kelli proofs 0090 Kerri selections 0010 Kim Selections 0003 Mike and Brittany Wedding photo 0154 Daniel and Elisa photo 0001 Alyssa sneak peek 0001 Kim sneak 0001 Alyssa 0001 Heather sitting 0001



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