The Mighty Mo!

Mighty MO

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Welcome aboard the Mighty MO! That’s right you are looking at the 16 inch guns of the USS Battleship Missouri, otherwise known as the Mighty MO.

The Battleship USS Missouri Where World War II Ended

I had the opportunity to travel to Oahu Hawaii for my day job a few weeks back. One of those rare work trips you look forward to. I mean it is Hawaii right! Regardless of long work days (12 hours at times) you are still in paradise so it was hard to complain. 🙂

One of the things on my to do list was to tour the Mighty MO. I’m certainly no history buff but there are things from our storied past that I think every American ought to see. Being able to stand on the deck of the ship where World War Two ended qualifies in my opinion. It was mind blowing standing in the area where the Japanese surrendered.

Mighty MO

Of course when you are talking about a battleship you have to talk about the guns baby!  The Missouri certainly delivers in that area. She sports her 16 inch guns like a world class athlete.  Those babies were able to deliver a 2700 lb shell to a range of over 20 miles!

Big MO

Her career started in June of 1944 and ended in January of 1995. During which time she fought in three wars. She helped finish off World War II, then served in the Korean War, and finished up serving our country in the first Gulf War. That’s quite a career for a ship that was supposed to be outdated by the modern aircraft carrier.

Big Mo

The Missouri sits in the famed “battleship row” of Pearl Harbor and faces the USS Arizona memorial (blog post coming). Riding over to the Arizona memorial and seeing the Missouri caused a roller coaster ride of emotion for me. Seeing the Mighty Mo gave me that sense of American pride and continued respect for our military personnel while arriving on the Arizona a deep sadness over came me for those lives lost.

Big Mo

I will finish up by saying I enjoyed touring some of our American history. The Missouri represents an era that has long past but she has aged well. The remainder of the photos below are miscellaneous shots from around the ship.

God bless those that serve our great nation! As always click on any picture to see it bigger.

Big Mo

The teak wood deck of the Missouri.

The USS Missouri

Looking tall and proud #63.

Big Mo memorabilia

Some items and notes of years since past.

Mighty Mo


Life aboard a ship is not spacious.

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