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Baby yawning

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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing little Baby Everett. This little guy came roaring into the lives of Eric, Heather and Autumn. 

 Newborn Baby Everett Makes His Big Debut

Getting to photograph little Everett was an extra special treat for me. This was my 2nd time with the Alfreys doing photographs. I captured Autumn’s first week’s of life as well. So to be asked back by Eric and Heather meant a lot to me. They are such a wonderful family.

This had to be one of the easiest newborn baby sessions I have ever done. Baby Everett made his way through the shoot with hardly any fuss. He was such a trooper as was his big sister. And to top it off Eric and Heather had a whole set of props to use for the photos. Awesome!

Baby Everett newborn

Autumn had already taken to him like he had been in the family for years. Watching her hold him and whisper to him reminded me of how my own daughter took to our son when he was born. Such special moments for the two of them.

Baby Everett snuggles with big sister and mom

Eric also happens to be an alum from the University of Kansas, so it was great to talk Jayhawk basketball with him. He’s a huge college hoops fan like myself and a passionate Jayhawk supporter. 🙂 Did I say how awesome this family is?

We were able to go for about two hours as Everett just kept on rocking his first photo shoot. Autumn was so patient as she waited her turn throughout the day. It is tough being a three year old but she did great.  They say that a newborn is only a newborn for the first 9 days before they grow to be an infant.  I am honored to capture this fleeting time in photographs.  I can’t make the clock stand still, but I can capture images that will live on forever. I am hoping that in about 15 years, I can be back with this wonderful family shooting Autumn’s Senior Portraits.

Baby Everett newborn pictures with parents


Newborn pictures with parents


Mom and young daughter kiss


Baby Everett newborn


newborn family moments

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